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    It was a night before my hostel allocation, I didn't sleep , I kept turning sides. Three times I woke up drank water and almost dozed at 4 am. The morning came with a excited sunrise and a heart filled with emotions of missing fights with my bro, missing my dad's lectures, my mom's taunts , love and of course my cozy comfort room, a luxurious life to end. Still I was excited for new world. Packed my luggage we arrived there , let me give you an overview. My college was established in 1962 , being a government set up I deduced my expectations. We arrived there a very good morning. It give me a feel of government quarter, fences around, two floors and a guard outside. I wished him and we made our way to warden's room. After all formalities done , I bid a warm farewell to my parents no tears only smile. My dad was quite tensed about me but I assured him " Papa I am big now, take care see you on weekend" . Then a helper came she took my luggage and we made our path through narrow corridors, I could not breathe , all ways seemed quite similar and I almost lost there in begining I reached there, Room no 60 . Being a cleistophobic it was small beyond my expectations. I made a very star entry to look cool and now came the assets we got . The room got 90's look., white washed walls, divided into three compartments and the furniture may be decades old. A bed , not a bed just a piece of wood and rusted legs, jammed window and an extraordinarily small almirah to fix my things, my mom really gave a lot more than need , even not required. A chair with its wooden part damaged by water because my seniors might have used that for clothes. I remember to get things done in almirah I used chair and I got it's one leg broken which I hided under bed. Night came, my roomies were not shifted there yet. I kept my lights on that night . Videocalled ma and concealing my tears well. Then I had a look at my room, blue painted doors and windows, walls were having many stories, some about birthdays, some written notes to learn. The table there was having a lot of crafts done by my seniors and that chair also must have survived weights of their clothes. The bed, weak but there many students slept in stress, happiness, anger or ambivalence. The room turned in to story telling granny that night Paper hearts were someone's hand made try and notes to keep things in mind. I kept thinking about them till clock striked twelve and I fell asleep dreaming for my turn to get my name in list of residents of room no 60
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