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    # languages are always an art

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    It's always no less than a magnificent art ,
    Knowing the right language is like the perfect aim of a dart.

    It can be any one of all the languages,
    But it helps you to divide your life in phases.

    French,German,hindi , English or odia,
    Can help you to reach Cambodia from India.

    It can be native or a persued interest,
    As far as you are learning , it will remain the best .

    Some learn it to contemplate themselves,
    Huh!!! You all learn to flatter yourselves .

    Being linguistic is not an easy game,
    But being one of them gives you an enormous fame.

    It has no limit to be learned,
    Cause there's no place where knowledge can't be earned.

    No wonder it helps you to face the challenges,
    And yes ! You surely have to believe in the power of languages .