• itotso 63w

    Still miss you

    You left 9 years ago
    Yet it feels like yesterday when I heard the news that your body had finally gave its last breath.

    9 years now, I'm now a wife, a mother.
    I still miss you though you weren't my blood mom.

    I wished you were around to see me become someone's wife.
    I wished you were around to see me become a mom.

    All the things you taught.
    All the words you spoke.
    They are still alive and living within me.

    Your daughters, they are still searching for the truth.

    I miss your laughs.
    I miss your fighting spirit.
    I miss how you look at the ugly and see the beauty in it.
    I look nothing like your daughters but you see me as a Child of God.
    You took me under your wing and kept me
    Made me feel safe and secure.
    At that time when you were still around, you allowed me to pour out my feelings in words.
    I needed all that as a teen.
    How you loved me in all my teenage pains.
    I believe God used the remains of your life
    To shape mine.
    I wouldn't be where I am without you.
    The love you shown was nothing I have ever seen.
    I felt accepted and loved.

    Tomorrow is when I'll relive all these moments again, it's the day you left and my memories come on loop and yer again I find that...

    I still miss you.