• djehanepoetry 6w

    Little by Little

    Little by little I’m slowing down;
    I’m no longer able to challenge Fate
    Or to keep up with the things I used to do.
    Little by little the familiar environment is becoming
    Less sharp, less precise, less defined!
    Little by little, each load is getting heavier,
    Harder to carry, more difficult to tackle.
    Little by little I find myself accomplishing less
    In more time, unable to plan ahead or even
    To carry the load of a single day!
    Little by little, I find myself praying that
    My health would sustain me a little longer!
    That my eyesight would last so I could enjoy
    My daughter’s beautiful presence! That I would
    Not become a burden for her! That my image,
    In her memory, would remain as strong as she has
    Always known me! That I would keep inspiring
    Admiration rather than pity! That my last impression
    Would be that of power instead of helplessness!

    © Djehane Hassouna, 2007

    Rainbow of Emotions, page 118