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    by Carolyn Glackin
    I guess I'll go now, fade away
    I'll bid adieu, I've naught to say
    Words are scarce when times are tough
    Please let me go, don't call my bluff
    The time has come, this now must end
    Please understand, I beg you friend
    You're burning bridges, I'm mending fences
    And there shall be no recompenses
    You've filled me up with sad saudade
    I should have known, I overstayed
    Sweet chantilly, linen, lace
    Forever strewn about your face
    And nothing dearer can e'er replace
    The truth of you, your saving grace
    You're building castles in the skies
    With rosy glasses o'er your eyes
    And here I stand as I surmise
    I'm better off without replies
    So goodbye kitchen, fare thee well
    Goodbye house of untold hell
    So long bedroom, I'll miss you most
    I'm there no more, I'll be a ghost
    Arrivederci, bon voyage!
    I'm taking leave of this montage
    The scene is set, the curtains drawn
    Goodbye old friend, adios, I'm gone.
    Copyright Carolyn Glackin 3/29/2021

    Gotta love that artwork, right?! That's one way to leave home, I suppose. ��

    *Image credit goes to Percy Tarrant.

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