• theuntold8 55w


    I shared my every
    untold stories to her
    which no one knew it
    because I took her as
    my someone special
    even after knowing that
    I am nowhere in that list
    of her someone special.
    I always forgot all those
    rude words she told me
    I tried to do whatever she
    But one day when she told
    that she doesn't have any
    right on me.
    It was really disappointing.
    Why I shared my stories if
    she thinks like that.
    I always tried to do to make
    her feel special in my life
    but in the end
    Nothing matters for her
    when she told that she
    doesn't have any rights
    on me.
    So now why should I share
    anything with her.
    There are many friends
    in my contact lists with
    whom I just do some formal
    No bonding or any compassion.
    Really now does she belong in
    that list ?
    Literally I cry when I think
    this line.