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    #patheticfallacy may(be), this melancholy (will) leave me.

    Thank you so much @writersnetwork ❤️

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    When clouds sing elegies
    and the wall at your home is
    flaunted by another frame-
    work, I flow down your eyes
    and rub salt over your bones.
    I rejuvenate pain liberating
    hope into a wineglass and
    entitle your poetic seclusion.

    Evaporation may suck you out,
    but I'll condense nostalgic
    embrace over your parched soul.
    When your dreams start setting
    and valour fade into dark pastels
    of night, I'll rise like a sun to
    impregnate you with cemented light.

    Your ribcage is a silver array
    cobwebbed of sadistic letters
    from a stranger, banning joy,
    grief is my ultimate existence.
    Your lover is a traitor, make me
    a forever. I'll kiss your scars
    even though I'm step-womb
    of your vengeance.

    I'm not a parasite, a carrier
    of mutualism succouring
    the war you're fighting alone.
    I'm a mayhem of disgrace
    finding an abode in you, but
    I'll leave my home, the day you
    learn to stand on your own.