• thepenprince 55w

    The Resistance

    In 2016 you used fear to rile up a base,
    Confederate flags and swastikas all in our face;
    In 2016 you killed democracy,
    Now we as resisters must show you your place,

    Brown, black and white, we stand for all that's right,
    You disgraced the flag and embraced Nazism of the night;
    You tweet about shooting against the looting,
    But you'll never defeat the unified fight;

    You look down on brown people, call them drug dealers and rapist;
    You have begun your self centered downfall and you can not escape it,
    I'm something of an activist catalyst;
    I'll vote blue no matter who just to see you taste America's blue wave fist,

    You can never speak for us,
    I bet you cheered when the white man told Ms. Parks "back of the bus"
    It's our time now you orange bastard
    Red, white, and blue, we no longer need you, never needed you so please. . .get to the back of the U.S.