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    4 Nov 2021 5.25 pm
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    I made up myths and I'm going nuts
    Anyway HAPPY DIWALI everyone ����

    Thank you so much ��@writersnetwork made me happy !

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR POD �� @miraquill Love ��
    Whoa so unexpected and made me super duper happy !!

    Sending Love and Light to everyone, Keep Inking ♡(●♡∀♡)

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    Spring is a Poetic Utopia

    And the womb of Gaia yearned for light
    that stretch longer, post buried-off frore
    In anticipation of gleaming komorebi
    her heart pumped purple prismatic to
    white wintry drops of nepenthe
    While galestorms were sashaying slowly
    to tumultuous cloudscapes,
    from the womb comes crocus flowers
    with the hope that spring is nigh
    Then her daydreams becomes snowdrops
    to welcome susurrus syllables
    as a shield to storms

    Soon snowtides recede and carpets of caespes
    covers the crust nurturing the womb
    for flourishing future of flora
    Her pride and peace became hyancinth
    to allure Apollo, of which
    violescent veils convey forgiveness
    Her spirit accompanies lost souls to heaven
    with budding iridescent irises,
    a sweven of rainbow
    And it's time for the yellow trumpets
    to adorn the solitude of spring,
    when the bellwether of zephyr leads Narcissus
    to tail echo only to end up drooping
    into the shimmering silhouettes of self-love,
    later to reborn as daffodils

    Her love was a poignant poem
    lured onto thorns by mountebanks,
    her heart bled crimson cries and
    grew rosebeds to waft fragrance of true love
    Her perseverance thrived as peonies
    on the crown of floral carpets,
    lending spells of longevity to lorn hearts

    Her notions became the necklace of blossoms,
    golden showers of chrysanthemum
    with magnetic spells of melody
    Her voracious desires became vivid dreams
    in vibgyor hues to give birth to orchids all over
    like an ornament of oath
    Her zest and zeal became beauteous anemones,
    petals of which cradle folklores in flamedrops
    Her reveries and remembrance blooms carnations
    in chromatic colors, her offerings in achromatic
    and her reminiscences as pink-eyed petals

    Her metaphors weren't immortal but moribund,
    they coiled until their casket and their
    undying love blossomed to bulbs of tulips
    Her adoration and admiration for luminosity
    sowed seeds of sacrilege and reaped helianthus,
    whose gaze glides across the welkin tailing Helios
    At last when vespertine vapors swallow the day,
    her tears become leal lexicons rooted in abbysal arcs
    and turns into mellitus lotus and mazarine waterlily

    // Spring triumphs as Lumina oscillates Terra
    Osculant and oracling odes of flowerets
    Serving an Utopian dream of a poet

    ~ Mayhaps,
    Spring is a Poetry Penned in Pollen //