• blahss 56w

    Goodnight world until tomorrow comes

    As I lay My eyes to rest
    As they close this very night

    With my eyes closed in darkness
    I lay until the sun rises another day

    with my silence
    as rain pours
    And birds chirp
    As people chatter

    As pitter-patter of little children in the hallway go on through the night

    I sit and lie in my silence
    Until the sun rises
    Until the Moon says goodbye

    Until the Stars disappear
    Until the rain is no more

    Until the children are asleep
    I will lay asleep

    With my silence
    I shall dream
    Where every day and every night goes my way

    Until I wake
    To The shining Sun
    And the birds chirping
    And to my brothers and sisters playing so effortlessly

    For now all I say is until I wake
    goodnight world