• arishe 61w

    Where are we?

    Why is everything falling apart?
    My heartache has become permanent
    It just intensifies at times.
    Am I too young to feel like this?
    Or I think much more than I'm supposed to!
    As everyone I see is busy.
    Busy being in love,
    Busy with their heartbreak,
    Busy thinking about their careers,
    Busy posting about stuff happening,
    And here I am,
    Afraid of knowing what's happening.
    Am I the only one thinking,
    What went wrong?
    Did God do this?
    Is he gonna fix this?
    Did we do this?
    Can we fix this?

    This seems like a perfect example of
    "Turning the table"
    Except, who turned the table?

    Few months back, I was busy too.
    Busy thinking about my career,
    About my favourite notification, and
    How I don't receive it often.
    Old conversation, good and bad times, and
    Busy thinking about future.
    I still am thinking about future tho!
    Do we have one?
    Can you see it?