• aru______ 34w


    Not that talkative I see
    But neither am I , don't you agree?
    Just staring at eachother
    Blood rushing through my cheeks
    Everyone knows we ain't that slick
    Nah can you stop smiling at me?
    How do you expect me to feel the heat?
    Touching the back of my hand intentionally
    And now you are staring at your phone screen
    These games are getting very tiring
    I saw your friends, they were laughing
    While your eyes were on me
    'Angel in disguise' is that what you see?
    I don't want to break your heart but that ain't me
    I have my own flaws so deep
    You are too naive for me
    But seriously though
    Why does your voice make my heart skip a beat
    Conflicting feelings maybe I need some sleep?
    Or should I ponder on this fact? indeed
    Judging by the hints you give
    There's definitely something in between
    Heavy metaphors aren't my bit
    When it comes to you
    Raw emotions take the shift
    Now I guess it's my time to flee
    Not gonna lie
    This crush culture is killing me.


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