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    You have to accept one thing as soon
    as you can.
    And that is, no one, literally no one, is
    trustworthy in this life of yours.
    Okay, let's discuss this.
    When you're asked about someone who
    you can trust with all your might.
    Can you think of even one name?
    I mean, even one, without thinking???
    If no, then you don't trust that person whom
    you are mentioning after the careful thinking.
    If there is someone, who you love, then
    i bet that you mention them without
    much thought.
    Because love is wholly dependent upon
    trust and safety.
    If you can't do it, then it is just attraction.
    We'll discuss attraction and love
    some other day.
    It is a very delicate part of our life.
    It is just like success that takes several
    years to achieve but just one second to lose.
    You might be wondering how one
    second is enough to fail or lose success??
    When, you get attitude or ego or proud
    on the struggles you went through,
    then it just takes one millionth of a
    second to God to break your ego into
    microscopic pieces.
    You lose everything.
    Just like that, trust is.
    We build it by years of patience but just one misunderstanding can break it.
    So, I am telling you that until you
    love someone truly, there is no one
    whom you can trust.
    Whatever people do is just for their
    own selves not for anyone else ever.
    Remember, life is unpredictable.

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    Life take turns suddenly
    and the person whom you
    trusted the most can then
    be seen as the most hurtful
    betrayal ever.