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    #poem bitch I turn a crack rock into a mountain- lil wayne the originator

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    Divided states of chaos

    Welcome to GODLAND

    Ur highness welcome to your seance

    Come take God hand

    Lets visit the exquisite nonexistent

    Wild realm

    A one way ticket to the wicked when they hold picket

    For anything that goes against their vile plan

    The wicked narcissistic
    Prideful man

    The Paganini

    As he strings his


    Our genie
    Turning our pennies

    To a thousand grands

    A 3d
    And trippy vision

    From the pineal gland

    Turning lilies

    R i p.

    from a touch of his foul hand

    The city
    We can't see clearly

    From this crack rock we turned into a mountain