• arcane_pearl 31w

    Peace exists!...the light that is what we are all fighting for...

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    When it's all over

    It is tough to predict
    Our world without war
    Can there be a land
    A village, a city, a country
    Where the reminiscences
    Of hatred are beyond very far?
    Although sordid are their plays
    Which blurs their vision
    Blinded by their sins
    Says they want redemption
    By correcting the wrong doing
    Of the ones confucian
    But as one walks the journey
    He comes to know that peace exists...
    That is the beauty of peace
    It rests in everything we hold dear!
    After every fight, a starlight night
    The dawn will come to conquer the fear
    That is the promise of peace,
    That one day after a long life, when it's all over...we find each other...