• awildsheepchase444 29w


    Painted a pale blue wall on my wall,
    a wall, a wall it stayed within.
    An impression that the wall was farther than It was,
    an impression to undo the walls closing in.

    Once one could breathe one said,
    a window will do good,
    so I painted a window on my pale blue wall,
    and I could see stars when the walls closed in.

    The measures were temporary, tense me was tempted,
    to leave the room I had confined me in,
    the vast unending unafraid wilderness was far worse
    than my unending walls closing.

    So as tears trickle down my face,
    and my heart gives away, as my blood starts to stall;
    as this alliteration falls apart,
    I'll draw a wall within another wall.