• wht_you_think 175w


    One women raped in every 13 minutes in India . yes it's true,when will this end ? Yes,this needs an end. i know each and every human being out there feel sad whenever you hear such news
    but what we do is ?
    Candle marches ? Fucking selfies over them and post them all over the Internet. I saw a video,which was all about protesting against rape,i was shocked after watching this, two fucking person are laughing while protesting,i aren't laughing,dude. You need to be serious when you are part of any campaigns.
    Two person was posing. what is this?it's better to sit at home. This is only reason i don't want to join any protests just because there is fucking modelling sessions going on. oh ,yes .selfie time. I'm so sorry to talk like this but i had to. The anger in me made me do so. I know you all feel sad,we all have sister at home. we all need to think....!!