• iseh_ek 49w


    How I wish I could behold the joy in my
    mother’s eyes
    when she heard my first cry
    And the gladness of my father’s heart
    when the news of my birth arrived his
    What a day it was, as I was told
    The moon and stars were pleasured
    As young as I was old
    The cloud wouldn’t hide its delight
    And the sun its light
    A girl child has been born, with no trace
    of spite
    Father thought of worth, he called me
    He calls me princess, reminds me i'm
    He made me his weakness, that I may be
    His love bears me witness, guards me all day long
    The love of me is unmatched
    And can never be undone
    I am the daughter of my father
    The pride in his eyes
    The hope of my mother
    Her thought that never dies
    I am beautiful and smart
    I am the Queen in the chariot
    I am the king’s honor
    The charm that melts his heart