• jaguar_night_99 13w

    One more To Go

    A life can be more reasonable when you try to find yourself in that way,
    Unexpected plan which are not made that shows what life is predicting from us,
    To find yourself in such a Messy world, life can be more unpredictable to us,
    Sometimes it taught us to live in worst to get better one,
    There will be those moments when we wants to give up but some intuition are not allowed too do,
    Sometimes life will be fussy, Messy, uncontrollable but it's just a day or a moment not Whole life,
    I just learnt things since age of my 15 when it turn to a different world & understood that not all dream comes true.....
    My life started and now I'm into a new scenario where 2020 the year taught me the toughest lesson of my life and it was horrifying, reality just hit me so badly that it take months to accept the things the way it was ------- Now not everyone & everything is permanent in our life......
    I just smiled & try very hard to Move On & Yes finally I'm happiee & I come to know many things about me, now I care, nourish myself more.
    Now I says Hey life One more to Go ...... Situation made me stronger, confident & a Happiee person.....
    We think life is unreasonable & Very difficult to Us but the thing is we make it more difficult.
    It is very simple it's our human tendency to make more difficult our life.
    Some days will be Happiee, Sad, OR maybe horrifying but but it's just a day not our whole life,
    Just give life a chance to change & accept things without planning.
    Now with a beautiful smile I start my day & whatever happened in past OR happening everything has a reason.
    Even we know we can't make everyone happiee So just leave it the way it is going !!!!

    " Smile, Dream & Shine "