• happy__me 112w

    Endings are beautiful too;

    There once lived a boy who was very happy with his life. He played all day, he sang, he danced, he used to do all the things that made him happy. He was "himself" all the time in his own world. Then he began to make friends, started to hangout with them slowly. He started to get influenced by the new stuffs he came across. He stopped talking to himself since he had friends now. He stopped singing since he chats now. He doesn't play out because PUBG didn't allow him. He slowly started to accept or was forced to accept that these were the sources of his happiness.

    He no longer wanted to live in the moment but wanted the pics to be taken in every moment.
    He no longer watched TV and laughed out loud with parents but watched memes and smiled silently in his own room;

    His life was changing.
    He was transforming.
    His innerself was getting suffocated while he was busy breathing new air.

    Then there entered a girl who could change him the way he was or the way even more worse.

    Wait for the next part:-)