• ibtidatahsinibnat 42w

    I fear

    I fear. I fear to choose between my family and career. I fear if I choose may career over my family than one day I would be in my death bed and I will have no one besides me.
    I fear if I choose my family than what if they never value that . I fear to trust what if they broke it .
    I fear to be a friend. What if I'm not the person they want as a friend.
    I fear to share my feelings if they don't get it .
    I fear to give my word if I couldn't be able to fuifill it.
    I fear that one day I would not be able to purse my dreams.
    I fear that some day I will hate the passion I have now.
    I fear one day in the future I will look back at my past and hate myself .
    I fear one day all of my rights will be turn into wrongs.
    I fear one day I will realise how much wrong I was I .
    I fear one day nothing will be left to me except repentance.