• sphesihle 20w

    He who loves All

    Tear drops pouring down my face.
    Feeling miserable,life was hard to face.
    And I kept on sinning like I was in a race.
    Couldn't handle my feelings,all I needed was space.
    Then I turned to him and my fears went without a trace.
    Feeling relieved,I knew right then I was in the right place.
    I'm finding myself I can feel it in my soul.

    Pain dripping down my heart.
    Feeling unwanted,couldn't even own a fart.
    That life wasn't mine,I knew we had to part.
    The pain I bore,in my mouth it tasted so tart.
    Then I knelt to him and I cracked like a nut.
    Feeling happier,there's no room for a but.
    I'm who I'm meant to be,I can feel it in my heart.

    Fear hovering over my life.
    Felt lonely,wanted to end it all with a knife.
    I sinned a lot like I was the devil's wife.
    Couldn't bear my weakness,I had to take a dive.
    Then I ran to him and he gave me a new life.
    Having hope,I knew right then I was in the right place.
    No more pain,my heart is back to one piece.
    I feel like sharing,everyone come take a piece.
    For he saved me from myself,and he can save you too...