• dipanjan_b 60w

    It's a gloomy day

    I have seen him beneath the sun,
    A face in sweat and smile.
    I have seen him toil and run,
    Up and down the mile.
    Carrying bricks or sacks of load,
    His spine had never pained.
    His arms had never left the road,
    Though hands were grained-
    In dirt, he never expressed a bad mood,
    Though his hungry stomach
    Often ached in need of food,
    Though he wiped his sweat soaked face,
    And never uttered a word.
    He has been a part of race,
    That played with iron sword.
    Yet in return for a penny that never,
    Sufficed his hungry soul.
    He chose to work, to quiver,
    But never missed his goal.
    He has build houses, roads and more,
    He has worked in filthy turmoils.
    He has beared anguish on the floor,
    Where he dug through arid soils.
    He cried, cried in agony, in pain,
    Never expressing on his face.
    You have abused him for your gain,
    Even then he never eluded from the race.
    He has a life, a family life,
    Little children crying in thirst.
    He has a poor wife,
    Starving for days, an obligatory fast.
    She can't even feed her milk,
    She is weak, weak without food.
    She will never dream of silk,
    She urges for all that's crude,
    A simple meal to live and strive,
    To feed her hungry kids.
    A simple air to breathe and survive
    The curse of regal greeds.
    You stopped him work and let him die,
    Die in hungry tears
    Little efforts to end his cry,
    Starving amid the fears
    Dread to quit a life on earth,
    Fear to perish away.
    I have seen him laugh in mirth,
    It is a gloomy day.