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    Hello lovelies! Hope y'all are doing well!

    This is my first story titled 'Red and White'. The following is part 1 of the story. Please read it. Some horryfing truth/ reality is waiting for you with the completion of the story and you must know about it.

    'Where are we going maa?'
    That was me, an eleven year old girl clad in a beautiful green saaree with bright green bangles dazzling in my arms and a tilak on my forehead.
    'To the festival', maa replied.
    Ahh! How I loved the festival and the fair! We visited temple on the day of festival and worshipped the Goddess but this was the first time I was dressed up so pretty, maybe because I was a grown up then!
    I quite literally felt like a queen. (haha)

    But wait, why were we not heading towards the main entrance?
    Why were we going into this room I was never allowed before into?
    'sit down there, in the centre' maa told me while she arranged various thalis as if some procession was to take place.
    In no time, about five women surrounded me and whispered into my ear, something that sounded like some old rules about dev..'devadasi'
    They gave me a pearl necklace..red and white pearls, it was pretty, placed garlands onto my head as if I was the one being worshipped.

    It felt a bit...strange..but then we headed back home where maa announced that I was a Devadasi henceforth.
    I was still new to the term. With the little knowledge I had, I assumed its literary meaning should be 'servant of God'. That was nice, I liked to worship God.

    The next day, with the first rays of sunshine, I went to work in the field, came back and helped maa with household chores and dozed off.
    That was pretty much how a regular day looked like and I was fine with it except for the urge to study that never went away even though it never seemed to struck my parents.

    I was thirteen now.
    And one fine..no..non fine day, I sensed something was wrong between my thighs, it felt like...uhh..blood, dark red , dripping like water.
    Strange, I didn't get hurt but nevertheless it was disgusting and terrifying.

    On acknowledging this, maa kissed my forehead and I felt some joy in her voice which soon started to trail off as if some deep thought hit her and she was left teary eyed.
    I gazed at her, puzzled, not knowing what was happening with me, with her..


    Inspired by the writings of @wild_aish
    Read all parts: #red_and_white
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    Red and White