• beautybunny 18w


    I swear that beast their is daunting
    He knows what he's doing.
    Got me questioning the path that I've chosen

    Is it worth it to live in the path that's called straight
    This life's got me questioning the choice that I made

    The beast is so hungry he stares and he roars
    Hoping I slip from this life I adore

    With every step forward I fall three steps back
    My God do you hear me I'm under attack

    Bullying myself with every thought that comes to mind
    Mistreating my heart cause I know that I'm lying

    I say I love God that I'm ride or die only for Him
    But as I live I see stories of my vision going dim

    That beast their is daunting possessive as Hell
    He keep digging into me but outside you can't tell

    As I scream out for help but only few can hear

    That beast is choking the life out of me I can't feel
    Remorse for my thoughts cause they as real as life
    Why not give up he insist you don't have to think twice

    I choose to reside in security and live
    This fight will end soon and that beast will be dead

    As quick as he comes he goes on to the next
    Until another convenient time
    Until then I'm gonna flex