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    Dear Best Friend,
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    Isn't it strange how you always fall short of words when it comes to express your feelings to the one you love the most? It's been really long that we are connected but still, I never expressed my feelings towards you. I know, I'm acting dramatic but I thought, this is the best way to spill out those feelings for you.

    You know, there are so many bad things that happened to me. But still, I am the luckiest to have you. Every time I fall, you lend me a hand and help me stand again. I don't know how you manage to motivate me everytime. Being my 3AM person, you always proved that friends can be family too. It's really very hard to imagine my life without you.

    But you know what? Handling a messy stubborn person like me is really hard. I know it's not easy to be with someone like me. I know it gets tough to handle me, but you've always been there and I can't be happier. Thank you for being the best part of my life. You are not just a friend, you're family. I hate you yet I love you the most.

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    Dear bestfriend

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