• shisherganth 54w


    Kashmir is not immune to rape, sexual assault or any other kind of sexual harassment. Though minor in number than rest of world but it happens which is a great cause of concern.

    The thing is that such grave and henious acts were being put under carpet earlier fearing stigma that society has associated with it.

    The parents or families besides victim tend to feel ashamed if such thing got in public. So they chose to remain silent about it and never ever try to report it which in turn further motivated the perpetrators to do such violence against female folk.

    The silence of victims and their families is basically encouraging perpetrators that you've impunity to ruin the life of others as well.
    While the victim is going through physical and psychological trauma, the society on other hand remains busy in blaming the victim.

    The society tends to judge them, castigate them for wearing fashionable attire and finally held them (victims) responsible for whole thing which in turn make the life of a victim a living hell.

    But the thing is that how far we as a society remain blind towards such grave violence? How far we remain silent and help offenders to remain scot free?

    Now it's time to raise voice and held the actual person accountable who has committed such henious crime. The person who has snatched a happy life of innocent being.

    Instead of blaming girl or women, or their choice of clothing, the society needs to realize that these sexual offenders can make anyone their prey to quench their sexual thirst as rot lies in offenders mind.

    The women needs to come fore and spread a word regarding various types of sexual violences, harassments, eve teasing, lewd comments from lecherous elements etc. They need to educate those who are most vulnerable and soft targets for such sexual beasts.

    The victims, their families,all need to report such incidents immediately without feeling embarrassed or ashamed. Especially the offences committed by trusted one's , relatives, proximate. The need of hour is to name and shame such offenders so that others refrain from it.

    The bitter truth is that rape culture is evolving in Kashmir. It's becoming a new normal with our silence. It's happening in schools to universities, in job places to public transport, in homes. etc.

    The victim could be anyone from new born baby to fully grown woman.The sexual assault could happen anywhere. The sexual assualter can be anywhere so beware. !

    That's why we can't afford to remain blind or silent further.

    The voice of girls/women matters and has power to change the orthodox mindset of people and the perception of society. The people need to understand that it is grave issue which needs to be nipped.

    Let's unite and raise our voice against all types of sexual offences and help to make this place better for women.

    The men have to come forward and unite to identify wolves who put a big question mark on us.? We need to respect women and provide them a safe space, a space where they thrive without any fear of getting molested, harassed or sexually assaulted.

    ©shisherganth (Zeeshan)