• vangpiee 40w


    Its friday....I came early as my class canceled for some reason. Hoping for cool outcomes I started my walk towards the destination. As usual I screamed loud when I entered home. But this time I was surprised at my uncle and aunt's presence. I yelled out and hugged my aunt with gesture. I really do like them. I thanked god that today we have guests at our lonely, faded home. I went past the refrigerator to drink water. The cool water cleared  my throught. I felt amazing. I bursted when I saw him in reflection. Yes its Saeki..!!! OMG Saeki is also here....my heart groaned. He smiled at my clinchy activity. His broad smile at me is like a strong drug. OMG my heart is melting. I felt a jerk in my heart when he dragged my hand and slowly took my bottle. I was actually enlighted, surprised and shocked at his move towards me. I was actually.. OMG no words to express..!!!
    After having our dinner I went to my room , shifted into nightware and started digging me into HOMEWORKS...the bloody shits.!!! I ate less as I hate today's dish...the so lame radish..!! I really hate it.
    An hour later I went to refresh myself with snacks, but end up loosing my battle of search!! So, I cried to my mom about my rats in stomach. There was no response from other side. I was doubted at the scene and went into the hall and discoverd no one left in the home except me. What the hell is this!!! Where they went ?? How come they so sudden!?, I shouted . "hey don't worry you are not alone here." His voice was so clear. " they went for shopping " he explained the situation.OMG Iam with him. I asked him why couldn't he join them for shopping and blushed when he replied me idiotically like " I was concerned that you might be left alone".Such a rogue! I thought in my mind. I gave him a narrow look and turned to my room. He then dragged me and pushed to the wall. I can clearly see his innocent eyes, his cutest mole and hear his breathe levels.
    " won't you think I can!?" Saeki said as he really cares me. Iam melting!!. I tried to cut out the situation but then he pressed his lips on to mine. It was a deep kiss. Iam experiencing his soft touch. The kiss is deep, Its passionate. He hold my waist and hugged me. I was in no world. I actually don't know what's happening. I pushed him away(why did I do that). Suddenly I saw my mom entering the room.Iam speechless!!! I frighten whether she saw the whole play. Then!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I heard my mom is scolding me ...she is saying " get up!! Its high time !! You need to prepare for your exam",
    Its been three days since I slept eyeful ( exam fears). I felt happy that it was a dream   and I felt sad that it was a dream.
    Later I washed my face and started reading....