• meghaa_ 11w

    Your eyes shift shades
    Like weather forecasts
    This is the season
    Of Hozier by the fire
    Reciting free verses
    Like he lived through his songs,
    All of them
    I love how winter is so deceiving
    You can always lie,
    About your bloodshot eyes
    Or your baritone
    'It's just some cold'

    The city gulps a strepsil
    The morning newspaper lets out a cough
    Your forget-me-not blue
    From your favourite t-shirt
    Settles on the foggy skies
    Your resignation letters float,
    Like paper planes.
    The burnt pasta doesn't knock,
    On your insecurities.
    Your messed bedroom
    Starts to make sense

    But no,
    This is not a lazy-sunday-morning-poem
    This is how your healing will look like

    ~M e g h a //november

    #free #wod @surefire #meg_wn

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