• the_wanderlust_stargazer 43w


    Your sarcasm will push me
    Further to break all the limits and help to fly high and touch the sky,
    Spreading my soaring wings.

    It will do nothing but build me stronger,
    As a wall and not to be afraid and be concealed in a corner.
    No boundary can enclose me, no bonds will imprison me and no fears will be able
    To make me drown in a sea of loneliness and despair;
    And above all NOT YOUR SARCASM TOO!
    You try to shatter me completely as water corrodes the rock ,
    leading from the exterior to deep within;
    But may I tell you that people throw stones at those only who are are more successful than them or wiser than your sphere of knowledge.
    Don't get your hopes high as I am still a contender in the battle;
    Ready to knock you out with my skill and persistence.
    And in the end, it's you who will lose, NOT ME as neither is my motive wrong
    Nor is your ill will changed.
    Your sarcasm is like the dusty sands which will be washed away by the waves of positivity and goodness and sink deep in the ocean of of happiness which will dissolve it in itself.
    A piece of advice from me
    You can still leave this and enhance your personality, enriching your soul by exploring your better half
    Before the sand dunes of time shift and the days of peace fly by
    Leaving you all alone to find fighting with yourself .