• shabz_felix 19w

    To my younger

    Dear younger self ,
    As my mind wonder back from time to time
    I am casualty of unfinished task
    Wrestling with words ,on pen and paper
    I begged for peace of mind

    Many things you did were wrong
    With heavy heart in the dark
    Pour out the early contents
    Wearing underskirts way up high
    Behavior of error in terror

    Time I wish I could change
    But heart is filled by your deceptions
    Stale motives of opportunity rejected
    Causing paths to starve me brighter future
    Feeling like an abandoned building birds visited

    Because of your careless mistakes
    The naughty things you said and done
    Will haunt me for the rest of my life
    But I now be of good courage
    And strong for the ones after me
    So in poetry I set a new way of redemption

    I will not my past dictate my future