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    That is my 50th poem. I'm amazed by the fact that i could write. Yes, i am no writer and i write terrible somedays but the very fact of me writing poems makes me extremely happy and elated. It's way introverts express, as all my life i was deprived of the very way out of expressing emotions. I hope you all who are reading this also start jotting down your emotions, so you are least dependent on the number of ears listening your story. I wish no day comes in your life when you don't have someone around you to listen but in case it happens be prepared with your weapons for the battle. I wish you a win ❤ .

    Food for thought !
    1) You hold magic within yourself, always push self-love as your utmost priority 'cos in the end you'll be left with memories. Without you being happy, you can not rejoice a beautiful day. Be empathetic and keep loving.

    2) The real ones never fade away. They are your friends and family. If they are dear always keep them close it's hard to find good people around.

    3) At tough times people who stay with you are the real treasure you found in your journey. No richies could equate their love for you.

    4) Love is artistic and not all you meet are artist.

    5) More of life is drived by emotions and hunger to succeed. Be hungry, losing hope is the quickest way to die.

    And my Favourite quote on Hope from The Shawshank Redemption "Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies"

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    Devil's Day

    A drive back to this big place,
    Where there was a bigger ground and more space.
    I have always fascination for rain,
    but it was an ocean with burning flames.
    It looked beautiful at sight,
    But as i got close i burnt my every right.
    Then you fired and i was standing at that spot,
    Trying to dodge, what i never thought.
    I drown in those flames of love and blame,
    Where responsibilties were shame
    And i consoled myself to this ruthless game.

    Nevertheless, saved and breathing on the corner of the bay,
    And there i was bogged heavily with no say.
    Louder i shout, lesser way it reach,
    Life is a psudeo-echo, don't you ever breach.

    Satan came to have a look.
    He tried to flame my book,
    But I preserved every chapter i could.
    However, he burnt most by his look.
    You keep life intact in your memories,
    And thats how you could bring devil to his feet.
    You're strong and just light up the flame
    Brighter then red, brighter than any shame.
    Looking at the sight, satan will cry,
    'Cos Christ is with you, don't you ever shy !