• lovely_aakhil 53w


    Love is an beautiful poem,

    If you are an educated.,
    You will read it correctly by correct stress and pause,

    If you are an musician.,
    You will compose it lovely,

    If you are an magician.,
    You will make an miracle by adding some magical words,

    It will change your life into beautiful one.


    If you became uneducated by surroundings,

    You will read it wrongly,
    By unwanted punctuations like caste and religion,
    And destroy the beauty of the poem,

    It will not help to compose and make an miracle,
    To enjoy your beautiful life.

    So, don't spread the viruses like caste and religion,
    And Keep social Distancing with that persons...
    And make your life and your surroundings life healthy and beautifully
    By connecting Heart.❤️

    #Stayhome #Staysafe