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    #topic8 by @ibharath


    It ended randomly,
    when I woke up after a long sleep.
    I had no idea what's going on.
    I have got nothing to worry for it,
    nothing to think about that.
    Because everything about it was
    betrayal and disappointment.

    Maybe its that I had no friends,
    close ones gone for something
    that's really worse.
    Got some classmates,
    who could help in times.
    But I don't miss any of them.
    Means, I don't miss people.
    I miss the days;

    Fun I had in lunch seems no more,
    Praises I had for portraits seem gone,
    Teachers seem like old friends,
    School bus changed to something
    I couldn't use anymore.

    But I don't worry about these,
    I don't know why.
    There were somedays when
    I cried for friends, worried
    for farewells. But this..

    It's different. I don't know!

    I don't miss them, I miss the days.


    DATE: 8th June 2021
    TIME: 11:06 pm

    #writersnetwork #ceesreposts #schooldays #friendship

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