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    #vil_witch Phew, My third villanelle after a long time.
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    Her eyes look like unheard
    stories, the clouds go berserk
    while searching for the heaven
    betwixt her orbs. Fire and
    brimstones, what her laugh
    shredded upon the vague
    veranda of vamoosed verses.
    They attired the guffaws of
    perdition with streetlights and
    counterfeit similes. I've lived
    betwixt her poetries she never
    coiled the pandemonium of
    turnpike troubadours in
    lecherous ignis fatuus which
    gurgle out phantasm on the
    grief-stricken walls manipulating
    the doldrums kept inside a jar
    of clemency. I flapped my wings


    She an ample-apple of
    fuliginous stardust
    nurturing my eensy soul with
    fierce-flowers and compassion
    evoking a euphoric bedlam
    beside my lungs

    evils, deaths, knives,
    blood, huckery hymns and
    my unfeigned condolences
    to her unwavering

    I grilled her heart
    on wilted orchids they
    coughed out blood
    and turned to fragrant

    She cursed my
    existence I stabbed
    her words
    she blamed my facade
    I chopped off
    her name
    She taunted our telepathy
    but then
    her pain subsided and I
    saw her crying while
    writing a villanelle

    I snatched away her
    coal orbs. But blindly
    she guided the rhymes
    and I tip-toed to keek
    that tear she sobbed
    before taking the last

    ~ I'm that lonely word she forgot to write in that villanelle before she cwtched quietude.

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    'The rain is falling and I'm traumatized
    God asked the address of my sorrows
    I assured a bard I'm wholly cicatrized
    I feel flamboyant to 've death visualized
    They seek for redemption in my brows
    The rain is falling and I'm traumatized
    I was a day, gloomy dim and materialized
    With auburn parables, silver-tongue of crows
    I assured a bard I'm wholly cicatrized
    T'was condemn thyself after I demised
    I throttled you betwixt my deep furrows
    The rain is falling and I'm traumatized
    Hills, Euphrates and bridges fossilized
    oh, the Gold, cold your upcoming tomorrows
    I assured a bard I'm wholly cicatrized
    I spurned my words as they are, immortalized
    seeking a sooty swan in the present boroughs
    The rain is falling and I'm traumatized
    I assured a bard I'm wholly cicatrized'
    _ she, the poetry.