• dosbambi 13w

    This is to encourage everyone going through tough times, not to give up but to keep trusting God through Jesus Christ, as they keep going.

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    Alone in the valley,
    all by myself with breeze
    darkness as my companion
    in the mountain,
    on a downward spiral
    with a sharp blurry vision,
    in a fight with darkness,
    richly blessed empty pocket,
    disturbing my peace
    like an empty barrel,
    big empty stomach
    like a weightless blown balloon,
    forgotten in the background
    to watch others far ahead,
    drowning in the pool of worries,
    worrying about the time
    a better tomorrow will be birthed,
    all eyes on me,
    all questions walking up to me;
    when will your prayers
    give birth to your testimonies?
    clueless on the date,
    my mouth got dumb,
    yet my heart remains firm on God
    my eyes remain fix on the cross.