• chasing_the_serene 18w

    (1) Fill those pages to find your answers.
    (2) Pass those stages and keep moving forward.
    (3) Walk those trails to find what you are looking for and if you don't find it that keep on moving forward.
    (4) Failures are like jewels on your personality... Wear them proudly.
    (5)Close your eyes and smile... Give it time, your cart will fill on its own.
    (6)You... Only you can give yourself a second one... A chance to chat things.. a chance to restart

    #start #wod

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    Q & A

    Is there an answer in those blank pages?
    Is there an end to life's unending stages?
    Is there a destination at the end of these unknown trails?
    Is there a place where no one ever fails?
    Is there a shop that can fill your soul's empty cart?
    Is there a place which offers you to restart?
    There isn't... So why ask?