• rebeltease 38w

    Spun Rhapsody

    Equipped with pen, designing this script 
    Predicted again what the words depict 
    Baring my essence with ink unsparingly 
    Sharing secrets that slide smooth to daringly 

    Facing a rendition of untainted passion 
    Tracing ambitions awaited in caption
    Captured liquid flow of ink put to paper 
    Raptured text glows in wonderful vapor

    Faint the structures obscured in parallels 
    Painted in delicate hues of hushed pastels 
    Embracing lyrics immersed in my mind
    Laced with compassion rhymes are defined 

    Hearing chords while straying to falsetto 
    Clearing realistic distinct vocal vibrato
    Creating the sustenance that feeds the fire 
    Dictating stamina’s unyielding desire 

    Interpreting rhythm while riding each bar 
    Reassuring fragmented prisms in the stars
    Fragility in irresistible loving capacity 
    Humility of diversity in spun rhapsody