• swathi_ 63w

    Fluttered Heartbeat

    The first time we met, I got lost in your eyes
    Not the kind, where you search for a diamond in a treasure Island,
    But the kind where you have all the diamonds sparkling, and you just stand there, in awe, admiring the vastness and the presence
    Some days, there were no words, just silence, and we would listen to each other breathing
    Some days, we talk in a flow without any gap
    I wouldn't have told so much about everything, if it were any other person
    The stolen glances, and the deep enthralling eye contact,
    It does something to me
    It feels like an ocean breeze, an overall calmness and the fragrance of petrichor
    When I ask often, " What do you do to me? "
    His smile says everything, the sarcastic, mysterious, light one
    I can withstand anything else, him,
    I go weak, vulnerable.
    It's a big deal for me, everywhere else, being strong,
    But here, I have no control, I surrender.