• bharnij_borah 28w

    L O V E - II

    Love, it's the sunshine that blinds your hazel eyes every morning.
    Love, it's your smile, which shine brighter than the countless dazzling stars in the dusk, welcoming the moon.
    Love, it's the setting of the sun, just to have the moon shine.
    Love, it's your voice which calms my lost soul searching for peace.
    Love, it's your presence, giving my abandoned heart a place called home.
    Love, it's the sheded tears, on seeing you in pain.
    Love, it's sometimes the beauty of your silence, soothing the unheard voices of my heart.
    Love, it's sometimes the bag of wishes carried by the meteoroid disappearing in the horizon.
    Love, it's sometimes my stare in your photograph, giving me a feeling called "home".
    Love, it's sometimes just you.