• myst_ery 57w

    I'm sorry if I ever hurt sm1 intentionally or unintentionally.. I'm really very sorry.. ����..
    I wish I could be a better me for every1����
    I'm not perfect ��.. I make mistakes.. I hurt �� people.. But when I say sorry I actually mean it.. ��
    I destroy everything I touch ������..
    I know I'm not best... But I'm goin to fight my whole life tryin to treat every1 better✌ than better✌✌..
    ..I'm sorry for my words n actions ����..
    Sorry... FOR EVERYTHING ����..
    I'm sorry if I ever contributed to the suffering of ur heart ❤...
    Apologies.... To the people I hurt ��. . While I was hurting ��.
    All the clouds �� in me are raining ��..
    Im sorry that I'm not an easy person to be with.. ����.
    At last i had the courage to lose myself in something. . I truly wanted ����..
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    Im constantly torn between wanting to improve myself n wanting to destroy myself..