• mokshaa18 39w

    Wounded pride, Confused mind,
    Sense of shock, and denied recognition,

    Aching heart,with some discomfort in the being.
    Why conversations with him leave me like this ?

    Trusting instincts?
    Was that a mistake ?

    But the Energy had its way...
    Then what were those gimmicks of a logical mind?

    Red flags unfurled one by one,
    But before the courage of a lover,
    everything stands defied...!

    Craving still for his subtle presence,
    Strange are the ways of a loving heart...!

    But the answer was louder than ever,
    That desire though running wild,
    Had no safe destination in him...!

    He is sick of his own bitterness,
    And love would not be a cure for him,

    His joy rests in his victories...
    He would never understand losing oneself to love.

    The best way forward is
    to restore what has been threatened
    and enhance what has been challenged...

    It is to walk down the way of your own
    highest good and purpose...

    And it doesn't have to be entiwned with his,
    For you to thrive wholesome and healthy.

    It's time that you uphold your cause,
    In your life,He has already served his purpose.