• rizla_rizla 72w


    I lay on your chest
    Inhaling your lies
    Oh boy your innocence
    Is a beautiful vanity
    You smile like a child
    Yet your soul smells ugly

    Oh boy how blind you are
    You don't see how I wrap my hands around your heart
    Its fluttering like a hummingbird
    What a sweet melody.....!
    Oh boy you are a fool
    You mistook me for what you crave!

    Am not love
    Am the sweetest poison on your lips!
    Am not hope
    Am the snake that's crushing your heart!
    Am not light
    Am the darkness that engulfs your life
    Am not beauty
    Am the beginning of your nightmares
    Am not lust
    Am the addiction you'll never escape

    Am just an illusion
    Which will take you apart and burn

    Oh boy remember this
    When I crush your heart
    Your hopes and dreams were
    The sweetest dessert i had

    Oh boy what a fool you are
    To trust me
    Oh boy what a fool you are
    To love me

    Because you were the one
    Who needed your love and trust
    Not me, Never me
    Because am just an illusion
    Of your own twisted heart