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    There are so many times when I have been a keen observer, wondering about the reality behind our lives. Since we live in 21st century, we are all packed with our day to day hectic and rigid schedules. From dawn to dusk, we keep striving to push our envelopes to showcase the world and unfortunately in this hurry, we often overlook the bounties, we have been bestowed with.

    Our beautiful mother nature is one such precious gift which the Almighty has given us. In fact, nature has proved itself to be man’s truthful companion. In the times of distress and anxiety, we seldom try to disconnect ourselves from this technologically advanced world and seek to spend some time in the lap of nature.

    After spending few moments of delight and relaxation, we feel rejuvenated and light and get some great energy. This energy helps us to go with the flow for a couple of few weeks or may be months!

    As a tiny tot, I was always asked to take some time off and lay that out admiring the nature and the eternal beauty it wore��. Those lush green trees, colourfully amalgamated flowers, deep Emerald sea, tall and rigid mountains and above all the flora and fauna, everything has just made us so much enraptured towards it.

    When a busy homemaker gets no other place to lie down her notorious toddler, she just hands him over to the green garden lying in her yard. The child, all of just few months, enjoys the company of butterflies, furze and the bright and gay sun shining over him.

    This young, gentleman grows along with the nature and unfortunately there comes a time when he forgets everything his friend did for him. Initially he tries to put forth some distances between this transparent bond and eventually finds himself bewildered with no place where he could get a soothing hand, melodiously inaudible voice and an energetic atmosphere.

    We as humans have always drowned in greed and envy which has incorporated so many problems and tough times in our minds. But nonetheless, what I feel is that if we implore for apologies open-heartedly no matter what the sin is, everybody including our Lord can forgive us. That’s the power!

    This human-nature co-relation is undoubtedly very strong and indestructible. We, as careless humans, have just slipped few places back, which is now troublesome for both-us and our mother nature.

    All we need to do is get on to the track and travel with this pretty unit called Nature.

    So go on and open your doors and windows and glimpse out at that small piece of artistry. It could be your small muddy pot homing the newly germinated sapling or your beloved garden. As it is aptly said, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.”✨

    Just go and step out and the rest nature would do for you!

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