• kahil19 26w

    Whatever happened this year
    don't let that hinder you in any way
    In the coming year
    Don't hold any grudges against anybody
    Forgive everyone who you think wronged you
    And spread love all around you
    Hold on to your loved ones
    And let go of every kind of negativity


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    Like every year
    this year also
    we got through hardships
    We got pushed to the
    end of things
    We lost some loved ones
    We found some loved ones
    We lost some good relations
    We made some new relations
    We let go of some people
    We held on to some people
    We made new mistakes
    We rectified some mistakes
    We learnt new things
    We forgot few things
    We made some good
    and bad memories
    We detached some memories
    We cried
    We laughed
    We feared
    We failed
    We flourished
    We gave up
    But through everything we
    rose up again
    Through every thick and thin we
    became more stronger and
    tolerant than ever
    And at last we survived through
    each and everything
    And somehow we surpassed
    in everything whether good or bad