• the_writer25 151w

    When i look into your eyes
    I feel like am going out of your sight
    That made me feel like am no one
    That makes my song so dumb

    If i make you fall for me
    Then i know you'll push me down
    If i keep myself calm for you
    I know you'll drag me on the ground

    Don't you want me
    Even if am on your side
    I always do whatever you want me to
    You don't believe me and say am of no use

    I write so much for you
    But the words even flow opposite to me
    I make you beg for my love
    But you then leave so early

    Why you hate me so much
    I don't even know so i want to know
    Just let me breathe in your lungs
    Don't be fishy and take me with you

    I'll touch the clouds
    I'll breathe the air in which you are present
    I'll drink the ocean
    I'll catch the stars for you as you need it

    I'll make you shine
    But just accept my heart
    Believe me that i never lie
    So don't be rough and harsh