• ritikapeace 224w

    Here comes third one, for #bpy.
    And this for one of my favourite writers on Mirakee, who write something, which I never used to read! But he express it all (whatever he writes), so creatively, that how can anyone ignore it?
    So, thanks @anandshah_ Keep it up! The way you express! ... ���� Damn! Awesome! ����
    I'm really sorry, .. I don't know much about you... But I tried this,... ����
    I'm nervous... Indeed. ��

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    ...The Spellcaster...

    The magician of words,
    With simplest of verses.
    And that mesmerising timeline,
    Is the hub of memories, I see.
    As you told, those are written for her,
    I don't know much though,
    I don't really need it,
    But I have been inspired a lot,
    Such amusing writer.
    A necromancer,
    The master,
    As I have said already.
    The beauty of those glinting letters,
    Had took away hearts of many.
    And though, I'm not much of
    Like into red and deep,
    But I have been your regular reader,
    Like you know already,
    With not even single post missed!
    For you write transparency.
    With all the gratitude fervour!
    To you and especially your love.
    This is my little gesture of thanking,
    Though I know, it's not really worth it.