• sehgalvedant 168w

    One day I realized
    I am suppressed between the quantum and space
    Something science can't explain
    Somewhere universe doesn't find directions

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    In the tempest of the spheres
    Be it ours or be it theirs
    All were born as a family once
    Naked souls as the beloved sons

    Lands built of a festive life
    None innate envies thrive
    But a mind capable of tricks
    Foundations destroying their own bricks

    Yet bound to the same core
    No escaping Newton or Bohr
    A million little sacrifices helped us flourish
    Nonetheless, we strive for a soul to nourish

    And thus one day, we extended our arms
    Hid our intentions behind facial charms
    Began to exploit the neighbour's resources
    Watched the rivers change their courses

    Ran away from our own bloodlines,
    Tried finding peace in others' sunshine
    And maybe, attached to a soul or two
    Ended up homeless out of the blue

    On the lands of ours, we defied each other
    Among the traitors, we searched our brother
    Got burned where no one could hear our cry
    Helplessly saw each of our ashes fly

    But later we realized our corrupt fate
    And when nature responded, it was too late
    The fusions and fissions designed our sphere
    A drop of affection was to be found nowhere

    And then a realization dawned upon us all
    At the end, it's only love that stands tall
    Electrons were never born to lie
    It were mental circumstances that didn't abide by

    ©Vedant Sehgal