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    Cartoons put an emphasis on the main criterion of things.
    They focus on the influence of Politics on people’s daily
    Lives; they also highlight strengths and denounce flaws:
    Should this fact be considered a lie, or is it the ultimate
    Truth? Should it be encouraged and commended, or
    Should its absurdity be denounced and condemned?
    Is it intended for the benefit of the General Public, or
    Is it solely meant for promoting self-interest?
    A political cartoonist aims at elucidating matters: sorting
    Truth from propaganda, separating the wisdom of things
    From the fallacy of facade! Cartoons focus on the silly
    Aspect of a situation: they magnify mistakes, showing
    How ridiculous the human being could become, once
    He allows pomposity to take over while hiding humble truth!
    The moral of the story is: Do not take yourself seriously!
    You will make a mistake whether you like it or not…
    It must be difficult to produce a cartoon whose aim
    Is establishing the truth: it is indeed a balancing act
    Between that which is and that which is supposed to be…

    © Djehane Hassouna, 2007

    Rainbow of Emotions, page 85