• jayyverma 113w

    "Hey baby, are you ready? Guests will
    be here at any time". "Yes Maa, just two minutes", I
    said. "Be polite in front of the guests", she instructed.
    In the living room of my house, holding the tray of tea
    and answering all the questions.
    I wonder, why should I be with this guy? I don't like
    But unfortunately my parents liked him. And we got
    married after a few months. "I don't have any feelings
    for him, even I don't know him well yet", my heart was
    talking to my brain
    It was our first night with the person I got married.
    The beautiful room was waiting for us.
    I was not ready for it. I did not want to lose my
    virginity that day. But he wanted to. And... ! was
    unable to refuse him.
    May be due to the dogma of the people outside room
    and society.
    His hands were moving on my body.
    My Clothes were on the floor.
    He got thrust inside me, with no feelings of love and
    no talks about my wish.
    Wild and Lustful, his voracious eyes scanned me like
    any dreadful creature.
    Consequently.. I lost my virginity.
    The face was with fake smile and soul was burning
    that day.
    I got raped.
    Raped by the person with whom I have to spend my
    whole life.
    Rape, against which I couldn't stand.
    Rape, because of society.
    Rape, because of the authoritative 'Guardians' of my
    I got raped by the person who did not love me rather,
    or may be he won't love me ever.. It was a simply a
    rape... The rape accepted by society... -

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